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Survey results are for all DNSBLs used by the mail hosts at at this site. The union of all results includes any IP for which there was a DNSBL response matching the lookup response criteria.

5119100.0%TOTALIP's interrogated
460890.0%UNIONof all results
394977.1%b.barracudacentral.orgrejected IP
369972.3%zen.spamhaus.orgrejected IP,4,5,10,11
328564.2%hostkarma.junkemailfilter.comrejected IP,4
173433.9%in-addr.arpano PTR record
166232.5%GENERICanonymous mail system, generic PTR
2064.0%bl.spamcannibal.org127.0.0.2 rejected IP
00.0%bogons.cymru.com127.0.0.2, bogus address
00.0%dnsbl.tqmcube.comrejected IP,4,5
00.0%list.dsbl.orgrejected IP

This report was prepared using Net::DNSBL::Statistics available at CPAN
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